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Electronic Pain Relief Body pain prompts half of all Americans to seek medical care and treatment annually.  Indeed, pain tops the list of the most cited and most frequent reasons for doctor consultations in the United States. Fortunately, advanced technology and a greater understanding of the mechanisms of pain have combined to offer electronic pain relief.


Electronic pain releief through TENSBasically, there are two types of devices that offer electronic pain relief – the transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS).  Depending on your pain management needs, each device has its own value.On one hand, TENS are small battery-operated devices that generally work by blocking pain signals before they hit the brain.  This is achieved by the transmission of high frequency continuous electrical pulses to the body part where the pain originates.  These soothing pulses are coursed through electrodes placed on the skin, which then travel to the nerve fibers and then prevents the pain signals from reaching the brain.  Quite simply, if there is no pain signal, no pain is experienced.On the other hand, EMS utilizes low frequency electrical pulses through similar electrodes as those of the TENS.  However, instead of blocking the pain as TENS does, it causes the body to release its natural pain relievers called beta-endorphins.

It must also be noted that TENS units are also theorized to block pain by releasing the same neurotransmitters.Also, EMS units are utilized in the prevention and/or reduction of muscle atrophy borne of surgeries undergone and injuries sustained.  It facilitates increased muscular blood flow, increased range of motion, and increased muscle strength.

When you purchase any of these devices that offer electronic pain relief, you will also possess accessories necessary to make them function effectively and efficiently.  These can include self-adhering electrodes that can be reused, towelletes to clean the skin, and conductive gel to lower irritation levels among those with sensitive skin.

Pain, Pain Go Away
Both the TENS and EMS provide temporary relief from chronic pain like aching joints, arm and back pain, calf spasms and knee pain, cancer pain, apoplexy, headaches and migraines, menstrual pain and muscular pain, postoperative pain and even phantom limb pain.  The types of body pains listed herein are in no way the full range of electronic pain relief that the TENS and EMS can provide for sufferers.Indeed, even the pain from sports injuries and rheumatism can be relieved by these devices.
However, proper use must be exercised.  These devices must never be used on individuals who have heart disease and epilepsy, pregnant women, and those with an on-demand pacemaker. Though these devices are mostly over-the-counter types, physician’s advice is recommended for safe usage.Indeed, electronic pain relief is one of the safest methods in your pain management plan.  The devices are relatively safe to use in addition to being portable and affordable.  But the best thing about TENS and EMS is that these do not give side effects and are not addictive unlike medicines.


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Electronic Pain Relief


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